Melbourne’s public transport system is inefficient


Melbourne has the one of the largest public transport systems in the world, but it runs inefficiently.


(photo by Qiaoshan Zhang)

“The huge Melbourne city only got few buses, the average buses frequency is about every 40 minutes,” Monash university Chair of Public Transport Professor Graham Currie said, “only 20% of all buses run on Sunday.”

However, people are not satisfied with the public transport system, because buses are often late at peak hours and weekends.

Public Transport Users’ Association president Daniel Bowen said it is over-crowded on tram routes; and many middle suburbs, and outer suburbs are lacking of services; as well as the service coverage into the major destinations in the middle suburbs is totally inadequate.

Melbourne has the most expensive fares for any Australian capital city’s public transport system, and the Myki price is still increasing in 2014, also passengers will lose their time on a two-hour pass.

Compared to the idea of free public transports, “90% of people said they want the new services … because the free fare is irrelevant,” said professor Graham Currie.