Australian tourism can promote local economic growth


The Australian tourism pushes the raising of the local economy.

psb(port campbell, photo by Qiaoshan Zhang)

Australia attracts lots of outbound tourists in recent years. The outbound tourism from other countries stimulates the Australian economy.

Vicki Peel Monash University Tourism Lecturer said that due to the decreasing of Australian Dollar rate, the raising of outbound from China and India, along with the increasing of middle class individuals economy, so that lots of people are coming here.

Working holiday workers appearance did not cause local lose their jobs, but promoted local economic growth.

Dr Vicki Peel said that they are not taking jobs from Australian, they actually undertaking the job while local are unwilling to do.

Tourism also has a great contribution on foreign exchange.

Matt Hingerty Australian Tourism And Export Company CEO said, “Tourists coming here, but they bring foreign cash with them, we earn about 26 billion dollars with foreign exchange a year.”

Apart from that Australian universities combine the education to tourism that contribute to capital inflows to Australia.

“It is sort of bubble occurred in Sdyney Olympics around about that times … lots of universities established Master of Tourism,” Dr Vicki Peel said.


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